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Choosing a professional painting service like Vanguard Painting is one of the best ways to refresh an indoor or outdoor space. Our team constantly inspects their work throughout the process to ensure the best outcome possible.


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Our big three is Dependable, Professional and Fair Pricing. When working with us you will get all three. We pride ourselves in doing what we stay we are going to do while maintaining a professional image and producing a professional service at a fair and affordable price. By choosing us you will get a customized estimate with multiple options that best fits your wants and needs. We strongly believe that hiring a painting contractor is more than just delivering a paint job. We pride ourselves in not only delivering an amazing paint job but also creating and amazing customer experience.
We would love to help you with your upcoming job and put a smile on your face.

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Established in 2020

Vanguard Painting LLC, was founded in 2020 with all intentions on becoming your favorite painting contractors for all your painting needs. The owner of Vanguard had a dream and plan of having his own business since the beginning of his college career. He finally decided it was time to pursue his dreams and continue building what you all know as Vanguard Painting.

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Our Model

Our main priority is that you have a fantastic experience while we provide a quality job. Correctly applying paint requires special attention to detail during the prep process, while painting, and after the paint has been applied. Vanguard Painting focuses on what we call our big three to ensure consistent quality with each project – Dependability, Professionalism, and Fair Pricing.

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Our main priority is that you have an amazing experience while providing a quality job.