How Do You Choose an Interior Paint Color?

Colors have been studied for centuries because of the therapeutic benefits that they can provide to people. Nearly every person can quickly tell you what their favorite color is, often with a reason why or a fond memory that it brings back. With the prominent role that color plays in daily life, it makes sense for homeowners to ensure that their interior paint color means something to them. But how do you choose an interior paint color with the seemingly infinite options available? 

Choosing an interior paint color can often be as simple as starting a Pinterest search for ideas or browsing through your favorite home magazines. Once a perfect paint color has been chosen, the next step is finding complementary colors that can be used as accents while also ensuring seamless transitions to other rooms within the home. Gradation is a great way to achieve this by slowly changing the hue of a primary color as you move to new spaces. 

How Are Paint Colors Created? 

All colors are developed from three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. These colors can be mixed to create three other well-known colors, including shades of green, orange, and violet. However, these six simple hues have endless combination options that can make millions of unique shades and colors with their own significance or mood. For this reason, it is essential to determine what mood is targeted for the home as a whole or each room before deciding the proper interior paint color. 

In most cases, homeowners will choose between passive colors, active colors, and neutral colors. Knowing the unique differences between these interior paint color options can help narrow down the available choices and, hopefully, help determine which is the best fit. Passive colors include shades of purple, green or blue to be calming. Active colors, including red, orange, and yellow, can often create warmness. Finally, neutral colors include white, beige, black, and gray to promote natural harmony. 

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