How Often Should You Paint a Home’s Exterior?

A deteriorating layer of paint can often ruin the curb appeal of a home. Fortunately, a new coat of paint is often one of the easiest and most efficient ways to correct this problem and make a home look great again. Whether a homeowner is looking to sell or wants to ensure their home looks its absolute best, a fresh coat of paint is often a good starting point. But how often should you paint a home’s exterior? 

What Causes Exterior Paint to Deteriorate? 

One of the most obvious things that leads to premature deterioration of exterior paint is the type of paint used. Factors like sun exposure and adverse weather can quickly eat through low-quality paint, resulting in the need for a fresh coat of paint to be applied more often. However, on average, a homeowner can achieve between 3 and 10 years of dependability from their exterior paint, depending on how external factors affect it. 

In most cases, prepping a surface before painting is one of the best ways to ensure it adheres properly. Other factors that should be addressed before a coat of paint is applied are determining if the existing paint can be adequately covered or if it will need to be removed to promote good adhesion. This is a problem that many homeowners run into when changing a good coat of paint instead of waiting until the paint needs to be redone since any paint that has lost sheen will be easier to adhere to than glossy surfaces. 

One final consideration that can alter the length of time required for a new exterior paint coat is the type of paint used. Since exterior paint is exposed to the elements, it is vital to ensure that high-quality paint rated for outdoor use is used. Working with a professional when choosing the appropriate paint can help ensure the most extended lifespan between coats. 

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