The Top Benefits of Painting Your Home

Homeowners in Oklahoma likely do everything they can to ensure their home fits their unique comfort goals and looks as presentable as possible. While painting may seem like a minor adjustment compared to a kitchen renovation, there are several great reasons that painting your home should be a priority. If you are still on the fence, here are some of the most common benefits you can expect when choosing to get started! 

Affordable Renovation Options 

Painting a home is considered a cost-efficient way to make noticeable changes when starting a home renovation quickly. Typically a smaller home may be painted for under $1k, as long as suitable materials and a good partner are chosen for the job. However, this estimate is solely dependent on the size of the home, the quality of paint used, and how labor-intensive the job will be. To learn how affordable the process can be, request a free estimate

Protection from Weather Damages 

Although a new coat of paint can objectively raise the value of a home, not everyone is looking to sell theirs. The weather in Oklahoma is often unpredictable, leading to potential damages around the exterior of a home during intense spring storms or cold, icy winters. Painting exterior surfaces with improved pain can often add an extra layer of protection while minimizing the chances of a destructive pest making it their new home. 

Curb Appeal Increases 

Nothing creates a more significant impact on a home’s exterior than the color of paint used. From modern, bright colors to something a little more traditional, a new coat of paint can often transform the aesthetics of a structure and immediately improve curb appeal. Fortunately, applying a fresh coat of paint to a home’s exterior is easy and affordable when you work with a professional. If you aren’t satisfied with your current exterior, Vanguard Painting can help! 

Why Choose Vanguard Painting? 

We pride ourselves in doing what we stay and maintaining a professional image and producing a professional service at a fair and affordable price. You will get a customized estimate with multiple options that best fits your wants and needs by choosing us. Contact us today or call (918) 720-5199 to start your free estimate! 

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